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Today's multi-generational employees expect a customized technology experience that helps them work more efficiently during the work day and needs to be as familiar and intuitive as the applications they use out of work. We provides solutions with an organization-wide consumer-level experience, as well as device access, collaborative programming, and the ability to meet industry-specific requirements.

Work Smarter

Our custom software help solve critical workforce management issues by providing proactive insights and guidance before potential problems negatively impact participation and results. Predictive features help you make smarter, faster business decisions, personal digital consultants, real-time compliance management, and built-in analytics capabilities that help you work faster and more intelligently than ever before.

Key Features of Workforce Management Software

We outline the basic principles that must be pursued in any process of selecting workforce management software to achieve maximum profitability in terms of productivity, efficiency, and labor cost savings.

Manual Scheduling

Use designed workforce standards derived from best process practices as the basis for optimizing employee deployment and organizing workforces according to defined requirements. This takes into account a variety of factors, including the amount of work mode, short-term regular activity peak, employee availability, vacation, multiple locations (even time zones), budget limits, matching skills, work restrictions and contractual conditions. The granularity of the schedule should vary according to the needs of the organization and can generally be reduced to units of 15-minute increments.

It should also be noted that the majority of the workforce system will also include a certain degree of self-service employee (ESS) functionality allows employees to record their availability and to compete for a particular change, can be assigned automatically based on a set of rules and factors agreed upon These changes. (including performance and quality assessment). According to the CedarCrestone report, the average level of cross-industry adoption of the workforce application resource pool is 29%.

Time and Attendance

The "clock", time, and presence functions of any workforce management system center record drilling time and working hours. As part of this time / frequency function, manpower management systems are also commonly used to indirectly monitor time (ie, rest time and again nonworking time); Workforce management system software can be fed back into the database for future use in prediction and scheduling. In addition, the time and frequency data can be sent to the payroll for salaries and incentive calculations, and can be used to reduce stamping partner and key lever efficiency overtime - If an employee reaches a limit of predetermined overtime or threshold, not shown, working hours, and vacation provisions are close to the standard.

When time data matches work activities and engineering standards, individual performance can be monitored at the surface level, and in some systems, when performance is degraded, rapid coaching or other performance development activities can be triggered.

Leave Management

The vacation management function is primarily a self-service software module that handles absence requests, approvals, absence additions, and qualifications. This workload management application data, combined with scheduling and payroll functions, can be used for daily practical purposes and for long-term reporting and analysis, including levels and trends of absence .

We can integrate each of these features and many others into your own custom workforce management system software. Contact us today to share your thoughts and discuss your project needs.