Custom software development services

We develop custom software for corporate and business purposes using the latest technology and advanced tools to improve the performance of your company and satisfy new and existing customers. Our passionate and enthusiastic developers love the challenge. Among our successful products, we have a customer relationship management system development cases for large shipping companies, educational programs for university students based in the US and all around the globe, as well as the online booking system cases and the reseller accounting system projects.

How do we develop custom software?

Whether it is a customer-centric solution to build trust and loyalty among consumers, or the need to develop backend systems to increase the efficiency of business processes, our specialists can supply software product you need. Easy to use and versatile it will satisfy all the needs of your business and will satisfy your customers. The analysts of our company will take the time necessary to understand your business and the target audience to offer you the most effective solution that will adapt perfectly to your workflow, which includes:

  • Web-based applications with local or remote database in the cloud
  • Receptive web pages hosted in a database
  • Web hosting program with multi-user customer relationship management system
  • The app packages include front-end, back-end, B2B and B2C applications
  • Desktop programs with local databases or databases in the cloud can be synchronized with the central database
  • Native software for mobile phones and tablets with local or remote databases

Advanced solutions from expert developers

We develop a business app that uses the following technologies:

  • How to send a secure email
  • QR code (barcode), online ticket scanner and administration system
  • Customer-centric applications are accessible anywhere from laptops, desktops, tablets or smartphones, giving users access to data and functionality anytime they want
  • Time management applications that allow users to learn about recent events and actions do not need to depend on memory or handwritten entries
  • Automated reports provide quick and relevant information
  • A system that predicts stock levels to minimize risk and maintain stock levels

In addition, our specialists can also integrate your app with essential software and tools, including your existing business applications, online payment systems, sales tools, social networks and more.

Software development process for business

Great experience

We have extensive experience in popular technologies and tools for development such as HTML5, ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft SQL Server, CSS3, web services and more. Our skilled project managers will inform you about progress and milestones. At the time the developer made during the development phase. Clients will have full access to everything we develop. Therefore, they can play with the product and make modifications to the requirements in a way that is not possible unless they are invited to participate in the development.

Outsourcing software development services

It is up to the client to decide exactly how they want us to request outsourcing software development. Our certified professionals take care of everything, regardless of how you want it. We have many years of expertise in this field, which we can sometimes guess exactly what the client wants. Ask your business to succeed. We are competent enough to provide a solution for custom software development that will influence your business in a positive way. We have not passed the deadline and we will deliver the project on time.

Development on waterfalls principles

The cascade development process is a very effective method. It is the iteretive process by which the client get more and more polished version of the app, and at the initial stage the 1st version of the programm (MVP) is provided really quickly. It is simple and easy. In this way, customers establish rules, orders and specifications at the beginning of the project and obtain the project based on everything established at the beginning. Schedule and cost of software development at the beginning. The project is delivered on time and within a fixed budget. Many customers choose software development services for cascaded businesses because it is easy and convenient for them. There are no misunderstandings, everything is clear and simple.

Agile Method

Agile development methods are designed to improve traditional processes. The agile approach is very flexible, allowing developers to meet the needs of rapid change with close collaboration, feedback and repeated development cycles. The process of creating an agile is an alternative to the classic cascade method of the development life cycle. Scrum is a popular platform for managing Agile projects easily and flexibly. Developers and distributors of complete turnkey products.

Agile methods are very effective if you have nothing. But we think about future products because we can apply changes at all stages of development, avoid reorganization around the world and save time and money.

Web app and website development

In our software development company, we create a simple, secure and powerful web app that works across all popular browsers and fits all screen sizes.

Most modern work schedules are not limited to 9 hours, 5 days a week more. Currently, entrepreneurs face the need for documents, contacts, events and other commercial content. That's what web applications offer. Ready to access the entire commercial process. Our programmers can develop everything from corporate cellular systems to enhance mobility, provide employees with access to personalized tools that create brand loyalty and help them connect with customers.

Why do you need to develop web applications?

A web app is a program that runs in a web browser, as well as a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. This means that you can access applications from your mobile device using a browser without having to download it. Web app programming has become very popular over the years. These increases are mainly the result of its use, which can be accessed from any device with a browser installed. It can be accessed from smartphones, which are important because most people prefer to surf the Internet from their cell phone and can do so. Used without downloading and installing.

Who will be the owner of the source code?

Our main goal is to provide an app that offers a variety of user experiences. We also strive to establish long-term business relationships with our customers, so we guarantee that you will have a great time working with us. Once completed, you will receive the intellectual property rights for the target product.

You will not have to pay for licenses or other costs because you are the owner of the product and the source code is legal.

Our company does not use add-ons or other technology to create products. It means that the life cycle of your program is not limited and can be modified by any software developer if you face the need for software changes.

Post-launch activities

We strive to offer superior products that are equal to your hopes and increase the cost of doing business, so we never give up work once the work is finished. Our experts constantly support, refine and improve our products to ensure that everything is possible. To achieve this, we:

  • Write a complete project specification and explain everything without using a terminology you do not understand.
  • Train your employees to use the software on their premises or in our office in the US. However, it is very possible that you do not need training because our program is easy to use and easy to use.
  • Provide continuous maintenance and support with additional costs, immediate resolution and online support from our specialists 24 hours a day.
  • Host programs using our hosting service for an additional fee. We can boast secure, high-speed, and scalable areas that are useful for those who do not want to install additional server hardware in that area.
Web app functionality

For this year, we have created a web app with the following functions:

  • Social event support allows users to add friends, share messages, create comments and respond to users
  • Automation, standard procedures, data management, report generation, content control, printing and other operations
  • Get feedback from users, force Analytics to analyze your personalized activity and traffic and gather information about your clients
  • Use the graphical widget to track the progress of a project, examine the data source and select important or important information
  • Provide advanced self-help to reduce the burden of customer support
  • Use advanced power to provide different access levels to software functions
Responsive web app design

All the applications that we create have a responsive design that works through several devices. The responsive layout allows the software to adjust the screen, be it a desktop computer, a mobile phone, a laptop or a laptop. All program entries are compatible with the resolution of the screen to ensure accuracy and ease of use. - Menu controls, text boxes, etc.

Software development for business: why work with us?

Whether you need to create a business web app to manage your company's expenses, a web solution to distribute to customers or a program that provides customers with information about your services or products, we will provide solutions quickly. Deliver products that address audiences and your employees will love it.

The software development process for any commercial channel begins with researching the needs and requirements of your industry, including planning for the public and the establishment of long-term business objectives. We will certainly expand our extensive experience to your product and provide great creativity to the project during the development process. Our digital agency can provide a variety of web applications that will adapt to your business and meet ythe needs of your business.

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