What you Get with a Tailor-Made Software Systems

Whether for your own accounting firm or a small business for your customers, integrating a small business management software, a web-based "online" system, allows you or anyone else in the company to remotely access the system and work anytime, anywhere.

Location is the main reason why small business management software solutions are perfect for your small business and many clients. But wait, we have some reasons:

Save Valuable Time

This will save you and your team valuable time every day. When you have a fully fledged software, you do not have to switch between systems because you will have your account, orders, customer list, etc. - all this can be done easily in one application. Tasks will be easier to access, control and manage.

Manage your Project

Basic project management is essential for the success of any small business. With today's simple pm tools, you can create a project such as customer visits, a new supplier price list, replenish inventory, and assign responsibility to team members. Then you can click on the item to track your progress without having to track employee status and take appropriate action to get the job done.

Control Daily Schedule

Many software systems offer integrated (shared) calendars to help you and your team manage appointments, deliveries, customer or customer visits, and more. Plus, as an owner, you'll be able to see where your team is, what they're doing, and plan their time accordingly to make the most of their day job. In terms of employee schedules, the small business management system can also track employees' work hours. With this software, on-site employees (sales representatives, technical service teams, etc.) can easily access the system and fill their work hours, you can track your projects directly from the system and manage your salary / salary.

Generate Quotes and Invoices

Sales are at the center of any small business, so why not generate quotes and invoices from a single application? Now you can easily track leads and leads by checking which quotes have been sent and unaccompanied. Imagine - you will be able to see if your offer is accepted and respond immediately. You can change it to an invoice, complete the transaction, yes, save valuable time and create another satisfied customer!

Reduce these Large Documents

Business management systems can be easily created - and, more importantly, store business and sales documents in a convenient and easily accessible location. As long as you create a new document, whether it is a quote, an invoice, a shipping document, or an email sent to a customer or supplier, you can save it directly to the system. No more need to find or wait for emails between employees, vendors or customers - they can be retrieved anytime, anytime, anywhere!

Features and Options You Can Integrate into Your Small Business Management Software

Although easy to use, custom software is not a simple tool - it can help you not only manage projects, but the entire company. In addition, you can get reporting capabilities unmatched by any other business management solution on the market.

Sales and CRM

Manage your pipeline, quotes and contracts in one place. A comprehensive understanding of each transaction and customer.

Work and Project

Accurately understand team time and effort by sharing calendars and to-do lists.

Billing and Reports

Automatically make recurring billing and late payment reminders. Get detailed sales, cost and budget reports in one complete dashboard.

Team and Time Management
  • Manage team time more effectively. Get a complete overview of any project on a single page, including time and billing, scheduled tasks and meetings, invoices and fees, comments, and documents.
  • Assign and delegate tasks to the team. View each person's calendar in a shared team calendar and learn more about the work they are doing.
Quotation and Invoice
  • Forget the messy worksheet. Create a company-wide base and manage it in pipeline view for efficient communication and billing.
  • Track the actual and billable time spent on projects or customers - and transfer hours to invoices.
  • Convert any quote into a vendor purchase order or convert the service into quotation for your team's mission.
  • Compile and send quotes and invoices - and automate expired reminders.

Reports and dashboards

  • Get to know your business today. Stop swapping information between spreadsheets and various tools to find important data with just a few clicks.
  • Track real-time performance and key KPIs in beautiful dashboards with real-time data.
  • View real-time finance reports on quotes, sales, and orders.

Build Your Dream Software with Professional Developers

Small business management software if a key to your growth and prosperity. Decide on the functionality and management capabilities you need and contact us to discuss your project.