Iridasoft: First-Class IT Experts

Iridasoft is a US-based development company with a headquarter in Jacksonville. Since our foundation, our development team has developed and delivered hundreds of custom digital solutions. Our expertise covers a complete development lifecycle from conception and strategizing to prototyping designing, development, and maintaining.

Key reasons why us:

  • We build products that users love. Whether it is an application for your customers or your staff, we make sure that it would cater all the needs of the target audience. We tailor software products so that off-the-shelf digital products didn’t come within miles of ours. We consider all your requirements related to the product design and functionality and pay attention to peculiarities of your target audience. With a user-centered approach, we manage to craft IT solutions that add value to client’s business and provide users with all the necessities in within the app category.
  • We listen, not just hear. Communication plays a crucial role in the successful project development. We start our collaboration with a frank talk about your app ideas, our services and capabilities, and your expectations. This is when the magic starts working. Our communicative skills, ability to listen, and willing to understand let us get into your shoes and strive to achieve exactly what you need. Approaching us, you get a committed development team with an experienced IT experts dedicated to the realization of your app idea. We keep regularly communicate with you, deliver results and ask for feedback ensuring that you have complete control over the project.
  • Proficient and competent in what we do. Iridasoft’s team composes of first-rate specialists whose expertise covers all major IT areas. Whether it is frontend, backend, mobile, IoT, cloud or any other technologies, we can provide you with a solution that is based on them. Each of us is an experienced professional, and together we build a strong and trustworthy team you can rely on.